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Dr. Brian Floyd

Alton and Mildred Lancaster Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University

Brian Floyd

Dr. Floyd is the Alton and Mildred Lancaster Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University.  He leads a research program in the areas of RF and millimeter-wave circuits and systems, organized as the iNtegrated Circuits and Systems lab at NC State (iNcs2 [rhymes with “NCSU”]). He also teaches graduate classes in analog, radio-frequency (RF), and millimeter-wave (mmWave) integrated circuit design. See more info on his bio here.

His research interests lie in the general areas of RF and mmWave circuits and systems for wireless communications, imaging, and radar applications. Specific research topics include multi-Gb/s silicon phased-array transceivers, N-path filtering techniques, heterogeneous integration, digital beamforming, extreme wideband wireless architectures, mmWave imagers, low-cost radar, multi-function RF arrays, wireless technology for UAVs, and test and calibration of phased arrays.

Job Openings

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