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The iNcs2 research group conducts research in the general areas of RF and millimeter-wave (mmWave) circuits and systems for wireless communications, imaging, and radar applications. Specific research topics include multi-Gb/s silicon phased-array transceivers, extreme wideband wireless architectures, N-path filtering techniques, digital beamforming, heterogeneous integration, mmWave imagers, low-cost radar, multi-function RF arrays, wireless technology for UAVs, adaptive transceivers, and test and calibration of phased arrays.

List of current sponsored research projects:

  1. RINGs: WISECOM–Wireless Integrated Sensing, Learning & Communication Networks
    Sponsor: NSF
    Dates: 2022-2025 (joint with Gonzalez-Prelcic & Heath)
  2. Widely Tunable Receivers and Filters for Next-Generation Communications
    Sponsor: ADI through BWAC
    Dates: 2023-2024
  3. EPIC: Extendable phased-array Platform ICs
    Sponsor: Army STTR Phase 1 and 2, MaXentric Technologies
    Dates: 2020-2023
  4. Code-Modulated Embedded Test of Multifunctional Arrays
    Sponsor: Texas Instruments
    Dates: 2019-2024
  5. Scalable and Calibrated Phased Arrays for 5G Millimeter-Wave
    Sponsor: Analog Devices Inc. (ADI)
    Dates: 2014-2024
  6. Energy Synchronous Direct Antenna Modulation Transmitters
    Sponsor: IARPA
    Dates: 2022-2026 (joint with Adams & Bhattacharya)
  7. AERPAW: Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless
    Sponsor: PAWR Project Office and NSF
    Dates: 2019-present (joint with Guvenc, Sichitiu, & Dutta)

List of completed research projects:

  1. MIDAS: Tunable RF to Millimeter-Wave Receivers and Filters
    Sponsor: DARPA
    Dates: 2018-2022
  2. Multi-Modal Communications for Reliable UAV and UGV Connectivity
    Sponsor: ADI through BWAC
    Dates: 2021-2022 (joint with Guvenc & Sichitiu)
  3. High Dimensional Optimization and Inverse Methods for Electronic Design
    Sponsor: CAEML
    Dates: 2021-2022 (joint with Franzon)
  4. Intellectual Property Re-use through Machine Learning
    Sponsor: NSF I/UCRC, Center for Advanced Electronics and Machine Learning (CAEML)
    Dates: 2017-2019 (joint with Franzon)
  5. W-band Imaging System Using Repurposed Communication and Radar Chipsets
    Sponsor: Army SBIR Phase 1 and 2, MaXentric Technologies
    Dates: 2015-2019
  6. EARS: Compact Adaptive MIMO Receivers
    Sponsor: NSF
    Dates: 2013-2019 (joint with Hughes & Adams)
  7. EPIC: Extendable phased-array Platforms In Silicon
    Sponsor: DARPA
    Dates: 2016-2018 (joint with Ricketts)
  8. STTR Phase 1,2,2B: Fully-Integrated Universal Channel-Selection Filters
    Sponsor: NSF and Physical Devices LLC
    Dates: 2012-2018
  9. Radios and Arrays for 5G Millimeter-Wave Systems
    Sponsor: Integrated Device Technologies (IDT)
    Dates: 2017-2018
  10. Radio Design for 5G Mobile Millimeter-Wave Broadband
    Sponsor: Samsung
    Dates: 2012-2017
  11. Built-In Test for Power-Efficient mmWave Phased Arrays
    Sponsor: Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)
    Dates: 2011-2014
  12. Imaging with Repurposed arrays In Silicon (IRIS)
    Sponsor: NCSU Chancellor’s Innovation Award
    Dates: 2015-2016
  13. Imaging using Reconfigurable millimeter-wave phased arrays In Silicon (IRIS)
    Sponsor: DARPA Young Faculty Award
    Dates: 2011-2014
  14. Advanced Silicon Circuits and Systems for mmWave Vehicular Radar
    Sponsor: AKM Semiconductor
    Dates: 2011-2014
  15. Efficient Linearized All Silicon Transmitters
    Sponsor: DARPA and MIT
    Dates: 2013-2014 (joint with Ricketts)
  16. DIVA: D-band Integrated with V-band Architecture for sub-THz wireless communications
    Sponsor: Army and MaXentric Technologies
    Dates: 2011-2012
  17. IBM Faculty Award
    Sponsor: IBM
    Dates: 2015-2016